My Stock Investment

Yes this is my other “hobby”.

I’ve built this report to track the performance of my investment in stocks.
As you may suspect it is something that I particularly care and for that reason this report is a real world scenario!
Due to privacy concerns I am only showing % weights and variations on the investments. But in truth, that’s the most important outcome of the analysis. Just assume x dollars and do the mats to convert it to  dollar amount

Technically, I’ve used a few distinct approaches to collect and transform the data for the report:

  1. Excel file located in OneDrive for manual input of my transactions;
  2. R Script to scrap daily prices online from Google (Quantmod package);
  3. HTML direct query Yahoo finance;
  4. Image URL method to display the companies logos (OneDrive repository);
  5. Parameter and Invoked Function to change the Proxy and automatically recalculate the figures;
  6. A bunch of measures with var … return if …, lookup table and others not so fancy but effective technics.

This still a work-in-process and I am planning to do a good piece of improvements. So not be surprise if it had changed meanwhile.
If you are interested to know anything related to this report and the technics I’ve used here,  just drop me an email or leave a comment below.